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Full Body Advanced and Automatic CPR Training Manikin

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Product Description

    The product uses the 2010 International cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) operation standard mainly included manikin, CPR display incorporated CPR training, evaluation, printing display in a single unit. It could be used in CPR training of these units such as social training institution, hospital, medical college, nursing school, the Red Cross and so on Executive Standard: the American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 International Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Emergency Cardiovascular Care(ECC) guidelines standards.



   Main features:

1.            1、Dynamic indicator light shows compression depth: Press the right strength (5~6cm area), error(less than 5cm), showed respectively by the indicator light (red flash, yellow flash), above compression depth (more than 6cm), the indicator light (red flash) moving dynamic feedback display CPR compression depth.

2.            2、Digital counter display: detailedly record the times of correct and wrong operations (compression strength is too large or too small, the times of wrong compression location).

3.            3、Voice prompt: it will point out the detailed causes of chest compression in Chinese so as to correct in time for trainer

4.            4、Blown tidal volume showed by dynamic indicator light: Blow the right tidal volume(500/600ml-1000ml) showed by green-flash light, blown tidal volume is error or beyond the range, displayed the result separately by the moving dynamic indicator light (yellow flash, red flash).

5.            5、Digital counter display: detailedly record the times of correct and wrong air-blowing (air-blowing strength is too large or too small, the times of wrong air-blowing).

6.            6、Voice prompt: it will point out the detailed causes of wrong air-blowing in Chinese so as to correct in time for trainer

            The ratio between compression and mouth-to-mouth operation: 30:2(one or two person)

■         Operation cycle: 30 times compression following on 2 times mouth-to-mouth operation, one cycle includes five times of 30: 2 ratio of compression.

           ■ Operation frequency: the latest international standards: at least 100 times/min

           Mode of operations: training operation, assessment operation, self-exercised operation

■         Print results: operating results can be printed long paper and short score report with thermal printer

■         Examination of pupil: pre-assessment and after examination procedures are completed, reflect the true status through simulating automatically dynamic change of dilation and contraction of pupil

■         Examination of carotid response: touch carotid pulse with hand, simulating spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process, simulating spontaneous carotid pulse after examine operation.

       Standard sets of configuration:

High recovery of a whole body model

Advanced digital display controller of a computer

Deluxe Hand-push hard plastic box of body

A recovery operation pad

Shielding facial Mask (50 pieces / box)

Replaceable device of lung capsule, a changeable skin

Thermal print paper

 2010 the latest international Operation Guide CD

          User manual.
          Warranty card

 Certificate of qualification

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